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Learning languages is not easy. In fact, there are times when you feel like you’re making no progress at all and just want to give up. In this long journey, it is always good to have a companion who understands your struggle, who has gone through what you’re going through and gives you invaluable advice.

Our Story

What if there is a convenient way for you to connect to like-minded people?

Bear Club is launched in 2021 during the COVID pandemic by two friends in Germany to create a safe and supportive environment for language lovers. We aim to become the place to be for anybody seeking accompany when studying a new language. Currently, we support English, Russian, German and Chinese.

Here on Bear Club, questions are asked, knowledge is shared, advices are given and discussions take place.


Discover our list of chat rooms filled with amazing people and unexpected conversations. Simply drop into an available room or create your own and enjoy all the benefits of being a room host!

Want to make friends and practice speaking?

Meet The Team

We are two friends from across the globe...

Tran Dinh Nam Phuong, 24

Tran Giang Long, 24


Long is a credible friend and a good listener. Programming has been his hobby since he was 14. His dream is to open a game company.

Phuong is an amiable friend and motivator. She gives advices and keeps everything on the right track. Her goal is to speak 7 languages.

The core value of Bear Club lies in its 




Bear Club

The place to be for language lovers

Let's meet up!
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